A superior quality vodka, created from an attentive selection of the best quality durum wheat and a slow and careful distillation process, providing an unmistakable aroma and flavour. The triple distillation of cereals and the use of the very best black catechu, a precious spice cultivated in selected regions of India, allow for a vodka that is both unique and incomparable, with a smooth and balanced taste and intriguing black colour, ideal for preparing entertaining and original cocktails.
The bottle’s captivating and strong design, combined with its fascinating black, reinforce the product’s exclusive quality. Symbolising night time and entertainment, Black Forty is the preferred vodka of highly original people, whose exclusive and incomparable personalities are a way of life. This prestigious vodka can be enjoyed plain, on ice or in a variety of surprisingly colourful cocktail mixes that only Black Forty can transform.