This prestigious Scotch Whisky, distilled, aged and bottled in Scotland, is born of the passion and experience of our master blenders.
William Riddell Scotch Whisky is a blend of the very best Scottish single malts and single grain whiskies selected from various regions of Scotland: the Highlands, Speyside and the Isle of Islay. Single malts from the Isle of Islay confer a pleasantly toasted flavour with hints of peat and seasoned wood, whereas whiskies from the Speyside region feature a more marked, spicy, fruity and aromatic character, and finally the single malts of the Highlands confer a smooth well-rounded aroma of honey and vanilla overtones, with an unmistakable peat fragrance, all blended together for a uniquely harmonious and balanced product.

We wish to share with our customers the quality of these products, obtained from the passion of master blenders who have been making whisky for generations without compromise according to age-old traditions.

William Riddell Blended Scotch Whisky:
– 8YO, Matured in Aged Oak Casks
– 8YO , Sherry Cask Finish
– 8YO, Strong Ale Cask Finish
– 12YO, Fine Champagne Cognac Cas
k Finish
– 15YO, Gran Anejo Rum Cask Finish
– 18YO, Fine Port Cask Finish

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